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Swoop® Portable MR Imaging System

Fast, simple, and cost-effective MR imaging for your patients.

Why portable MR imaging?

In 1977, the invention of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) transformed medicine—for some people. Today, entire regions of the US and the world lack access to MRI. MRI exists in select hospitals, hemmed in by cement, steep learning curves, anxiety, and towering expense. Even in facilities that offer MRI, it can be resource-intensive and a lengthy, isolating, and stressful procedure for the patient.

We created the Swoop system to revolutionize the standard of care for neuroimaging.

Swoop, the world’s first MR imaging system capable of providing neuroimaging at the point of care, can inform the timely diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions within a broad range of clinical settings. Hyperfine designed the Swoop system to address the limitations of current imaging technologies and make MR imaging accessible nearly anytime and anywhere in a hospital setting. The system drives directly to a patient’s bedside, plugs into a standard electrical outlet, and is controlled by an Apple iPad®. Ready to scan in less than three minutes, the system enables care decisions without patient transport to a radiology suite.

Designed to fit inside elevators and through doorways, the Swoop system maneuvers through crowded healthcare environments to a patient’s bedside at the point of care. Small and highly portable, the system is ideal for neuroimaging in intensive care units and pediatric facilities. Imaging sequences include T1, T2, FLAIR, and DWI (and accompanying ADC map).

The open design of the Swoop Portable MR Imaging System provides an opportunity to reduce patient anxiety, while the innovative magnet configuration enables loved ones to stay safely at a patient’s bedside.


Swoop Portable MR Imaging at the Point of Care

Swoop is ideal for evolving clinical conditions. Swoop diagnostic imaging is ideal for evolving clinical conditions like stroke and head trauma, where snapshots of patient pathology in near real-time can allow physicians to make quick diagnostic decisions and rapidly tailor treatments.

Swoop can go nearly anywhere and provide neuroimaging in minutes. Available at a moment's notice, the point-of-care Swoop Portable MR Imaging System can go nearly anywhere in a healthcare facility, providing critical decision-making capabilities across diverse clinical settings, including intensive care units and pediatric facilities.

Swoop is FDA 510(k) cleared. The Swoop Portable MR Imaging System is FDA cleared for general brain imaging. The system provides diagnostic imaging that can inform the timely diagnosis and treatment for headaches, stroke, non-specific muscle weakness, encephalopathy, and more. See the full list of regulatory clearances.

Point-of-Care MRI Applications

click to open link Portable MR imaging in ICUs.

Portable MR imaging in ICUs.

A Swoop system in an intensive care unit enables timely neuroimaging at the point of care, eliminates the need to transport critically ill patients to radiology, and reduces the time required to coordinate clinical schedules and support staff.

click to open link Portable MR imaging in pediatric facilities.

Portable MR imaging in pediatric facilities.

An open and safe design allows family members to stay close, provide comfort during neuroimaging, and even hold their loved one’s hand. The Swoop system also eliminates the risk of ionizing radiation for pediatric patients—a concern with CT imaging.

click to open link Where to find the Swoop Portable MR Imaging System.

Where to find the Swoop Portable MR Imaging System.

Medical professionals use the Swoop Portable MR Imaging System at facilities worldwide. Find one near you.

Swoop System Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

click to open link Advanced Image Reconstruction—deep learning technology.

Advanced Image Reconstruction—deep learning technology.

The Swoop system’s innovative approach to image reconstruction uses deep learning on T1, T2, and FLAIR sequences to elevate the diagnostic value of portable MRI.

click to open link BrainInsight<sup><sub>™</sub></sup>—automated AI tools.

BrainInsight—automated AI tools.

BrainInsight has the potential to improve patient outcomes by increasing the accessibility of life-saving neuroimaging interpretation techniques and decreasing the time to diagnose and treat.