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Clinical Images

Mass Lesion

62-year-old female with prior history of breast carcinoma.

Treated with local therapy and was in a normal state of good health until new-onset seizure. Due to the patient’s unstable condition while in the emergency department, the patient was imaged at the bedside using Swoop. Swoop images aided in diagnosing multiple intracranial metastatic lesions with surrounding mass effect and vasogenic edema.


35-year-old female with acute onset of severe headache associated with right-sided weakness.

Due to labile blood pressure, the patient was imaged at the bedside using Swoop. Swoop images aided in diagnosing an intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

Mass Lesion

50-year-old male with recent-onset seizure and right-sided weakness.

Due to seizures and partial status epilepticus, clinicians imaged the patient using Swoop at the point of care. Swoop images aided in diagnosing an intra-axial tumor.

Pediatric | Mass Lesion

13-year-old male presented to a remote clinic with focal abnormal neurological signs.

EEG performed was abnormal. Bedside imaging was obtained using Swoop in the remote location. Swoop images aided in diagnosing a large intra-axial tumor with resultant obstructive hydrocephalus. The patient was referred to a large city hospital for neurosurgical examination.

Pediatric | Hydrocephalus

5-year-old patient with acute-onset severe headache with nausea and vomiting presented to the hospital and was imaged using Swoop.

The patient has a known ventriculoperitoneal shunt with previously normal ventricular size. Swoop images aided in diagnosing acute obstructive hydrocephalus. The child was admitted and underwent a successful shunt revision.