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Swoop® Portable MR Imaging System

Product support overview.

Swoop Subscription Service Includes

  • Software Updates
  • Technical Support
  • Service and Maintenance

Software Updates

Over-the-air upgrades are an essential part of Swoop ownership and enable your device to improve with every upgrade. Hyperfine offers additional features and functionality that help tune Swoop to your organization’s needs. These improvements focus on growing customer delight—our AI and imaging teams develop novel imaging techniques. Our user experience team leverages customer insights to create intuitive designs. Our software teams employ cutting-edge technologies to bring solutions to our customers rapidly.

Hyperfine will always work with customers to ensure that they can take advantage of the latest software release. Software updates are deployed remotely via the cloud, and remote support assistance is available by contacting the Hyperfine Technical Assistance Center (see below).

Technical Support, Service, or Maintenance

Swoop subscription includes support and technical assistance with hardware and software issues. A combination of remote and onsite support in collaboration with onsite technical staff solves software issues. To initiate a support, service, or maintenance request, contact the Hyperfine Technical Assistance Center to open a case (see below). If a hardware replacement is required, the Hyperfine Technical Assistance Center team will coordinate with logistics to deliver the replacement part. If a mechanical issue requires Hyperfine Field Services, we will schedule an onsite visit or work with the designated onsite representative. Please refer to the terms and conditions for exclusions and additional requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Hyperfine suggests that the preventative maintenance be completed according to the recommended schedule (see IFU for details). If your contract includes onsite support, contact Hyperfine to schedule the preventative maintenance. If your contract does not include onsite support, Hyperfine will provide training on how to perform the recommended preventative maintenance. In addition to running a diagnostic test, preventative maintenance consists of inspecting the electronics, hardware, and accessories. If replacement parts or additional service is required, Hyperfine will schedule delivery and installation with the customer.

Contacting the Hyperfine Technical Assistance Center and opening a case.

Technical support reporting is available 24/7/365 through the User Interface Application: Report an Issue form, through the website, or via phone (see below).

You can escalate after–hours (8:00 PM–8:00 AM Eastern) and weekend support for critical issues via phone or email.

  • UI Application > Report an Issue (recommended): Go to About > Report an Issue and submit a case request from the UI.
  • Web (recommended): Report issues via the support form at
  • Phone: 866-SWOOP-MR (866-796-6767, option 2 for Product Service and Support)
  • Email: